Asian Double Eye Lid Surgery Done by Laser is too Big! - Southern California

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I had the double Asian eye lid surgery done with...

I had the double Asian eye lid surgery done with laser and the crease is to big. Previous to this surgery I had the double eye lid surgery done by Suture (non-incisional) method, which came out to look natural. I even had it corrected 2 weeks after the the Suture method surgery to make the line bigger, with no problem. The DOC removed the first strand and place another one in to make it the way I preferred. But it only last 10 years so I opt for a more permanent surgery but I am very unhappy. The space where the line was formed to where the top of he lid is, where the eye lashes are, has to much space between. It does not look natural. I believe that if the line was lower it would look good. I'm hoping to remove the inner stitches if possible and who knows if the doctor will refund my money or redo the surgery. Now I realize what looks good on me and I hope I can get it back.

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It is better to strongly tell the doctor what you want because he might have a cookie cutter opinion on what he thinks looks good enough / big enough, small enough etc. If he declines then you can always get it some where else (cause some do but that's ok). A patient (you) might a certain type of look, it may be sexy, sultry, round, flat. Only you would know and it should be done by your expectations. Doctors can only do the procedure (correctly), prescribe medicine, give advise before and after, etc but you have to make the final decision cause you are going to live with it happily or otherwise unhappily. Remember to be firm and hold onto what you want not what is easy.

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