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I had this done for nasolabial folds/lines about 6...

I had this done for nasolabial folds/lines about 6 or 7 months ago in Staten Island, NY....results were only a bit improved...but improved, nonetheless. She always rushes the patient and never uses any numbing cream whatsoever. Juvederm lasts 6 months and no longer, no matter what the hype or misleading televison commerical says. Don't be fooled. Anyway, since this borough of NYC is in short supply of competent dermatologists, I went back to her again last week. I had the Juvederm injected and again, same results: mild improvement. Some very mild brusing and a few lumps, which concern me, but I am certain they will disappear over time. I really see very little difference and made up my mind that this was the last time. I also would not recommend this dermatologist whatsoever and for many reasons. Juvederm, average results,..nothing so wonderful or spectacular and expensive.

New York Dermatologist

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