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I have previously had Restalyn and fat injections...

I have previously had Restalyn and fat injections (fat transfer done while asleep during another cosmetic surgery) done in my laugh lines and lips. My plastic surgeon  recommended that I try Juvaderm because of the longer lasting results.

I did not have Dr S do the Restalyn and instead went to a Med Spa. It hurt pretty bad and the nurse only used a ice bag to numb the injection site. The full syringe of Restalyn cost me $600.00

Dr S actually used a dental block injection (just like a dentist) because I was having the juvaderm injected below my eyes were they appeared sunken in as well as my lips and laugh lines. Even with the dental block it did hurt enough to make my eyes water when he injected it near the lower part of my eyes. The other areas were a piece of cake and I only experienced slight pain.

I also had botox for my forehead done at the same time (very slight pinching pain). I paid $925.00 for the botox and the full syringe of Juvaderm. The excellant bed side manner of Dr S was worth every dollar spent and I'm very happy with the results so far and I will continue to have Juvaderm done when needed.

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