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I had my first Sculptra treatment yesterday...

I had my first Sculptra treatment yesterday.

I'm 56, and although I look great for my age (or younger) I used to be a collagen factory even in my mid 40s and I had lost a lot of volume in an otherwise attractive face.

My injections yesterday were 'invasive'. In the temples (thin and sunken), down to my ears and inwards to my cheeks from there, and in my jawline.

They say that what you see is what you get with Sculptra and it's certainly true for me. I have no residual swelling from the injections - just a genuine increase in the volume of the treated areas.

I did a great deal of research before committing to this treatment and this website proved invaluable. I felt that this was the correct procedure for me and I'm absolutely delighted so far.

I believe that who you choose to perform this procedure is critical to your success. (Check them out thoroughly and only think of going to a professional who is qualified). Try and find a photograph of yourself in your prime and give it to your doctor/surgeon. He then has a guide to replacing what you have lost. And for God's sake - follow the after care recommendations you are given to the letter.

If you don't massage the treated areas five minutes, five times a day for five WEEKS - then you should not have chosen Sculptra. You'll be on here in five weeks time complaining of poor results....

You have to work with this treatment to get the most out of it. I'm very dubious about the negative comments on here and how committed to the best end result the complainants were - and their choice of practitioner.

Mr. Mark Whiteley

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