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I am 38 and I wanted restylane to fill the little...

I am 38 and I wanted restylane to fill the little wrinkles that started to form on my top lip. I was very very nervous and have waited about a year to take the plunge.

I must say the experience so far has been far better than I expected. My lip has swelled a little bit and a tiny bit of bruising but nothing like the 'duck' lip or other stories I've read here. I had the injections yesterday and I went out and did stuff all day today. I thought I would have to cocoon myself in the house for a week - but thankfully I don't have to. I took the arnica homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling and that may have helped as well. I also think it's very important to go to a well experienced injector, make sure to do your homework. I went to a nurse who travels around the country to train people in how to inject fillers. I also avoided alcohol, aspirin and took all the other advice very seriously.

I asked for a very natural look and that's just what I got, I didn't even use a whole syringe so she's saving it in case I want a bit more next week. Get the dental block (lidocane) I choose not to get it for my bottom lip as she was only going to do two injections there and it was painful - I had it on the top lip and didn't feel a thing!

Jennifer at Laser Center of Marin

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