So Far So Good - Had 1st Treatment 4 Days Ago on Stomach Area

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The maximum cc's you are allowed to have per...

The maximum cc's you are allowed to have per treatment is only 25cc's. The people who are getting sick, dehydrated, etc is most likely because they had too much at one time. More isn't always better. I had 25cc's on my stomach area done on Friday. I got a little light-headed right after but that went away within minutes. Saturday and Sunday I was pretty sore, bruises started showing up, got very swollen (looked 5 months pregnant) Monday I was back at work (desk job) and was still a little sore and the swelling has gone down some. Today is Tuesday and the swelling has gone down even more. Last night I was finally able to massage the area a little to help with the breaking down of the fat cells. The size of the needle is about the same size as an eyelash. You get shot about 25 times in the area you choose. You stand up for this procedure. You go home right afterwards. I was able to drive myself home with no problems. I also have a 9 month old and I was able to hold and carry and take care of him without problems. You are not supposed to lose weight with this procedure, only inches. People have to remember that. This is not for overweight people, your BMI has to be under 30 for them to treat you at all. It is designed for pockets of fat you can't seem to get rid of with exersize and diet. I was told for my stomach I would need 3-4 treatments and I also want to do my thighs and they said about 2 times for that area for me.
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