So Far, Fraxel Results Are Good

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I had my first mini-fraxel about 6 weeks ago. I...

I had my first mini-fraxel about 6 weeks ago. I was afraid to do the entire session b/c I wanted to see how my skin reacted. The pain was mild and I had very little redness or swelling. I had the 2nd mini-fraxel about 3 weeks later....More pain this time and some slight swelling around my eyes. The mild acne scarring has definitely improved!
I had my 3rd full Fraxel yesterday...OUCH. She did 4 passes and today I am pretty red and swollen although not nearly as bad as I feared. My eyes looked like I have bad allergies today...I washed carefully, put on tons of sunscreen and applied make-up to hide the redness.

I am hopeful that this will end my series as the scarring looks so much better and I am tired of paying so much money!!
I do think Fraxel is worth it but if your skin is really sensitive you may need to take 2-3 days to "heal."

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