Smooth Forehead After Botox.

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I am a 52 years old woman of Indian origin and i...

I am a 52 years old woman of Indian origin and i live in LA. I recently got Botox injections after much consiideration and reccomendation of my friends. I had astonishingly hard frown lines all over my forehead and temples. Botox made them disappear within just a day and i was very very happy. The injectons were very mild and relatively painless after the ice that was rubbed on my forehead. I was awake and comfortable the whole time, talking away with the doctor and nurse. It took a week for the redness and the swelling to go away. This happened in the areas that the needle was poked. Still, inspite of the swelling i could see that my frown likes were gone. Ofcourse this was far more obvious once the redness and the bumps went away. Botox might work for just 6-7 months but at this affordable cost, it is not hard to get one again after some time.
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