Smooth Face After Threadlift

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My face has become visibly smooth after a contour...

My face has become visibly smooth after a contour threadlift. My forehead and cheeks skin had dagged a lot and i needed a fix job as soon as possible. I also wanted something that would give me a long term solution. I have taken botox several times before, but my skin always got back to sagging in a few months. So i needed something more definite than botox. The treatment was relatively painless. I did get a local anesthesia and for later, i was given a mild pain aid medicine. It took abaout 45 minutes for the surgery to get done which was great. I did not have to stay overnight as well. I was home in just a few hours. Due to the medicines, i was told not to drive and so i had taken my sister along. She got me back home and i rested the rest of the evening. I used ice compresses for the next two days which really helped the swelling go down. I saw great results immidiately. My wrinkles had really reduced but since i had a lot of them ( i am almost 60), i went for a contour lift twice to get beter results. I went  2 times in 7 months. By the end of the year, i saw a complete change in my face. It has been almost a year since i got it done and i don't see any signs of aging right now.
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