SmartXide Not Worth the Pain and $$$

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I have detailed my experience elsewhere on this...

I have detailed my experience elsewhere on this site, but just want to say that after three months, I really feel like this was definately not worth the money. The results are minimal. The pain and long recovery were so underplayed by the doctor that it really makes me angry. My Christmas was not ruined by the fact that I was too horrible looking to be seen outside, but it did cause me to change my plans and really put a damper on what should have been a great vacation with my family.

None of this was ever discussed by my doctor as a possibility. He was very casual about the downtime, saying a few days of pinkness and then back to normal. All in all, I was a good 2 weeks before I looked even semi normal, and the pain I experienced the first week was really severe.

I had hoped that time would make a difference but now feel like I don't look a lot different than before. He assured me that the brown spots on my skin would be gone - they are not. The one positive effect is my skin tone seems a bit more even. Not much improvement for $3500. My advise...look for a better treatment.

Grossman Plastic Surgery, Denver CO

Not honest about possible downtime...Forgot to give me my meds before the proceedure. Didn't achieve the results he promised. Very expensive

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