2 Inch Scar on Neck

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I had a coolipo procedure done about 1 1/2 years...

I had a coolipo procedure done about 1 1/2 years ago on my neck area.  What happened to me is horrible!!!  The surgeon used too much heat with too many passes in the same area of my neck and it resulted in a terrible 2 inch V shaped burn scar.  The burn happened from inside of my skin and burned to the outside...imagine that?!!  I actually had a 2 inch in diameter hole in my neck as the wound was healing.

This particular Doctor said he was very familiar with this procedure and assured me of the results.  The side effects could be incision site scarring, numbness, and possible lumpiness.  The possibilites of burning me was not even considered or discussed as a possible complication.

The results other than the scar are good, however, I have lost 35 lbs so of course my neck looks good.

Ladies and gentlemen, please really do your homework, don't let this happen to you, even if you think your doctor seems well educated, has a beatutiful facility and has all the certificates on the wall, does not make him a great cosmetic doctor.

As far as my scar, it's still there and is very ugly.  The doctor has done nothing to fix the problem and I don't have the money to go find another doctor to help me.

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