Smartlipo = Scars and an Empty Bank Account, No Results

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Staff members in the office claim you'll lose 2-3...

Staff members in the office claim you'll lose 2-3 dress sizes. I walked in a size 8 and came out a size 8. Still a size 8 six months later. Don't waste your money on this surgery. Cut back to 1200 calories for free. You'll save $10,000.00 and have no scars.

Doctor performed the surgery a second time after admitting it didn't work. Now I'm still a size 8 with scars. I had hips, thighs and stomach done. Still wearing size 8 or mediums.

Only positive of this surgery is that I have now accepted that surgery doesn't work. Eat healthy, exercise and be happy with yourself.

Robert Clinton/Coressence Laser & Skin Center

Provider admitted the surgery didn't work the first time and performed it again. When results weren't acceptable the second time he refused to refund HALF of the cost which would have been fair. This provider is unwilling to meet patients halfway after acknowledging the results were poor. I also now have a line/hardened roll beneath my navel that did not exist before surgery despite using a rolling pin, doing core exercises and having lymphatic massage for six weeks following surgery, yet ANOTHER expense recommended by the provider. I had a flat stomach to begin with so this is very disappointing and indicative of the poor technique of this provider.

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