Smartlipo Not Worth the Money or Time.

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I had Smartlipo done on my hips and outer thighs...

I had Smartlipo done on my hips and outer thighs in September 2008. During the procedure, I was in a lot of pain. The doctor would reach an area that was not completely numb and it would hurt like hell. Every time this happened, I would let him know that I was in pain. He would stop and inject something to numb the spot.

When he got to my left side, he stopped numerous times. I was in so much pain that I started crying and shaking and the heart monitor started beeping like crazy. He finally gave up and said that he would just have to let the left side drain because he couldn't get it numb enough. What?! It did not drain and my left thigh is noticeably bigger than the right thigh.

The recovery was so easy. I was never in pain. But, there is zero results. I look the same as I did before the surgery, except now, my thighs are lumpy. AND, I've gained weight in my stomach and I've went up a size in pants.

At my follow up appointments, I made it clear that I was not satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, the doctor that did my surgery no longer works at the facility I went to and I am tough out of luck. I only got to see him at my post-op appointment, after that, he was gone. He's not even doing cosmetic surgery anymore! If I want the procedure fixed, I have to pay again to have someone at that same facility perform the surgery.

If I knew then what I know now, I would never have done this.

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The doctor that did my surgery is no longer performing cosmetic surgery. I wonder why.....

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