Smart Lipo + Vaser Result

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I had my Smart Lipo MPX done 4days ago for my...

I had my Smart Lipo MPX done 4days ago for my upper and lower tummy, love handles, and arms. It took 5 hours for the procedure. It didn't really hurt me at the beginning but towards the end, I think because of the numbing medication wearing off, it hurt me a lot, especially when the fiber (part of the fat) got vaccumed out.

My doctors were really nice, there were 2 doctors and 1 assistant in the room to do my procedure. They stopped my procedure because they thought I couldn't handle the pain any longer.

I started weighing 190lbs and as of today i Weigh 185lbs. I didn't have any desire to eat for 3 days. I'm burising and swelling a lot and It's still hard for me to walk. When I stand up or sit down too much, it hurts the tummy muscle and I get nausea.

Tomorrow, I will have another surgery to continue the procedure, hopefully it will be better. So far my lower tummy has gotten flatter than before the surgery. My arms are okay, not really suprised with the result. Tomorrow they will do my upper tummy.

On a second thought, i think everybody has different pain tolerance, because today my mom also got a smart lipo for her tummy and she is doing totallly fine. She didnt feel pain as much as I did and she thinks I'm just being a baby!

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding before doing the surgery.

Dr. Joon Rhee


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