Triplex Smartlipo Hmmmm Anxious to See the Result.... - Palm Harbor, FL

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This is the night before my procedure, I am from...

This is the night before my procedure, I am from Leesburg Fl and I am having the Triplex Smartlipo procedure done which is more powerful than regular Smartlipo in Palm Harbour Fl almost 2 hours away. I had my pre-op with my Dr via phone, I am anxious to see the out come, had the Active FX done on my face two weeks ago. Very happy with the results. So I have to wait till tomorrow to see the results...will post pic

Day 1 Finally I had my procedure done this...

Day 1 Finally I had my procedure done this morning, upon my arrival I was greeted by my Dr and his staff who was ready to start the procedure. It was an in “Office Procedure”. I was prep and ready to go, my Dr explain every step in detail, I must say this was a Pain-Free procedure unlike to the stories I have read and heard, even my daughter’s experience as well. It was done within 1 hrs, the entire abdomen and was told that over 800cc of fat was removed. We talked and laughed during the entire procedure, I was quite relax during the process. The only discomfort I felt was the suctioning of the fat around my belly button other than that not a single pain.

I got up, dressed myself, the feeling was great enough for me to drive myself back home however my husband accompanied me. Along the way back home 1 ½ hours I had to stop and change my bandage and clothes. There is tremendous drainage of fluid which is expected after the procedure along with swelling. Got home change bandage again and compression garment, I bought the Ardyss Body Magic, a size smaller it fits snug but comfortable. I took only one pain-killer for the discomfort also took the Arnica tablet for the swelling.

Overall I could see somewhat of a difference but the best is yet to come and I have a long way to go where the swelling is concern. Word of advice please take extra change of clothes and use stayfree maxi pads, it absorb the fluid much better make sure to put gauze first then pad

Today is Monday and I am back to work, there is no...

Today is Monday and I am back to work, there is no pain or discomfort, my co-workers saw the difference instantly. They were WoWed over the whole procedure. It is really amazing, still have lots of swelling but it is coming to come! You might not see a whole lot of difference in the pics but you def sees it in person.

Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

Dr T and his staff was very accommodating to me regarding my busy work schedule, they were patient and helpful towards me. He is very experience in what he does I would not recommend “Adora Body Sculpting Clinic” to anyone. Also he has the latest Smart-Lipo technology, the Triplex is more powerful that the regular Smart-Lipo.

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