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I was nervous yesterday, but after taking the...

I was nervous yesterday, but after taking the medicine was very relaxed. I was numbed, sterilized, and the procedure began. The initial numbing pinched, but after awhile i got used to it. The actual procedure was fine. I had my thighs (0uter) done. Also my buttucks. As the doctor got closer to the muscle that was the only main discomfort.

They took out one liter and a half of fat. I did drain a lot but was prepared, had to change bandages. The doctor and assistant helped me with a crotchless spandex compression item. Went to the bathroom, a Few times once during the evening. I only drank water. I went in at 8:15 am, and left around 12:30 pm. This morning except where the incision is on my left side is painful, the right side is fine. They did take out more fat on the left side, it was larger. So far I feel much better than yesterday. This is definitely a lot better than all the postings I read before my surgery. I was so rattled I called the doctor the day before and cancelled, but she reassured me, everything would be fine.

Last night the doctor called to ask how I was, I told her about the bleeding, she stated it was just a lot of drainage. Relieved, I took a pain medicine, and slept. I had happy so far. Make sure you have a board cerified plastic surgeon.. I will be very happy this summer!!,, patti.

Four days later I still have draining and pain at...

Four days later I still have draining and pain at incision site on left side. I am very surprised at the deep bruising I have. I had a slight fever on a day ago but better today. The bruising Does look awful.....
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My doctor explained everything in a calm, manner. Very professional clean, lively office. The staff was extremely professional.

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