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I would have to say if I can go back in time I...

I would have to say if I can go back in time I would not have it done. Even though I saw some results I felt they did not get the target areas good enough.I had the lower and upper abs done plus the flanks. I still see some love handles.

I felt the doctor only got the front end of my flanks. My abs well, there is some difference but again was not too thrilled with the results. I'm mainly disappointed with the flanks though since my love handles was such a bother to me. As for the tightening, nothing yet.

My procedure was done on March 3, 2009 and no tightening. I honestly wish I never had it done. Also, if you live in my area or close to it, I do not recommend {Edited: provider information appears above the review for registered users}. My doctor was really rough with the equipment making the procedure very painful. Plus, I'm not sure if this was suppose to be done but he had my eyes covered while he was "melting the fat." I thought that was a bit weird. But when he was about to suck it out he removed the cover. That part really hurt but like I said it may have been because he was very rough in maneuvering the equipment.

It also felt like he was going too deep. It was very painful. The numbing part wasn't so bad though. After I was done with the procedure I wasn't even given a follow up appointment. I never heard from them again. Funny thing was, before the procedure they were very quick to return a phone call and very persistent then after the procedure I left messages and no return call.

It is not a lunchtime procedure. I was there for 3 hours. I was very swollen afterward but the swelling only last me overnight. I did not loose weight either. I just advice you to really think about it before you get it done. How big your problem area is really determines your results. Good Luck!

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Michael McDonald, M.D. Timeless Rejuvenation Center I do not reccomend them.

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