Smart Lipo on Upper, Lower and Flanks, I Love the Results

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I have been wanting to get my stomach fixed, since...

I have been wanting to get my stomach fixed, since forever. I am not a big girl at all, I'm 5'5 140lbs and I work out 4 to 5 times a week. I have been on this website everyday for over a month reading everyones story and anxiously waiting to post my story. From the posting i was expecting the worst possible side effects ever. I gotmy surgery yesterday 5/4/10. the surery was not painful to me at all. besides the pinching of the needle it was pretty much painless, there were monents where I felt uncomfortable, I could feel when I was being injected with fluids from the vasor, I could hear the suctioning of the fat and lastly, the warm sensations of the lazer was just that a warm sensation. When I got home I was totally fine no pain at all, I took two extra strenght tylenol before I took a nap, just in case I woke up in pain. After my nap I went for a walk s directed by my Dr. There was leakage but it didnt leak throught my garment because because I was so padded up. today 5/5/10 went back to the Dr. took my garment off and OMG, to my surprise I have a totally flat stomach. Dr. told me not to stand up without the garment and padding until friday, after friday I dont have to were the padding but to still were the garment for 3 wks. again still no pain but Im waiting for it, my Dr. prescribed me some vicodine for pain in case I need it. I went for a walk first thing this morning and i will be taking 3 more walks today. Walking helps the healing so my Dr. says. I will be posting before and after pics on friday after I take off my padding. Til then smile :-)
Dr. Frances, Physicians Body Solutions

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