Smart Lipo in my 20's

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Smart Lipo in my 20's

I got my smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen Also on my flanks. Some days are better than others as far as pain.
The day after the surgery I could see changes, but now I'm very swollen And extremely hard. They did tell me I will get bigger before I got smaller so I'm not bugging out just yet. I'm thinking about getting massages because I'm really hard everywhere. Thus far, the doctor and nurses have been awesome. Even though I'm bigger than I was the day after surgery, I will post my two week update in a few days. Everyone is saying I'll see the difference once the hardness and swelling goes down.

Two weeks later

The swelling, hardening and lumpiness is definitely a huge con with this process. I can only assume because they took out 5 Liters of fat I'm getting so swollen and very hard. I purchased a massager to see if this would help. This picture is two weeks post op

3 weeks post Op

I can finally hit the gym this weekend!! The swelling and hardness are the same. I do notice some difference though. I purchased a hand held massager from amazon and this thing gets the job done. Because it's so powerful, I have to have someone else do it for me because it hurts in the beginning (the massage helps with the lumps)

10 weeks 5days post

So everything is going fine. I still have some hardening on the sides but the swelling is pretty much gone. One thing that's a bother is the burning sensation I have when I get up. Its not too bad, but I feel it. However, I does go away in a few seconds. The doctor said it's my nerves healing. Honestly I see more results because I'm on a very strict diet and exercising. I still had a lot of fat remaining after the surgery and that's because they're only able to suck out 5000cc's. I wouldn't say it was a waste of money. I will say it was definitely a help and push in the right direction. I notice my stretch marks more. But I don't even care about that.

10 weeks 5 days photo

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