Smart Lipo Performed Incorrectly

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Pros: + weight loss Cons: lumps/rope-like ripples...

Pros: + weight loss
Cons: lumps/rope-like ripples on my abdomen, very painful procedure

I had SmartLipo because I had some stubborn areas of fat that were very difficult to lose by exercising (my abdomen and flanks)

I had "Smart Lipo" done 3 weeks ago on my flanks and upper and lower abdomen. I now have lumps/rope-like ripples on my mid-abdomen near my navel. I am worried that this may be permanent. I am also worried that my Dr. did not perform Smart Lipo correctly.

The procedure began with him making the incisions, separating the layers, and then he began to suction. As a final step, he used the laser. My understanding is that the laser is to be used PRIOR to suctioning to liquify the fat and aid in its removal. What should I do?

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