My Laser Lipo

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24 Hours later after procedure, first here are...

24 Hours later after procedure, first here are some background. - Male late 30s, - Past six months - 3 (1/2) hours a day, seven days a week. Plus five hours of weight lifting.

Had what the doctor said was five part done, love handles upper and lower abs.

I remember the IV being put in, then waking up from the procedure (I have zero memory of the procedure). I woke up with the worst headache of my life, and my stomach felt like it got shot. The medical staff put on badages and a compression garmet. Soon after I was given my pain medication and antibiotics plus ointment for when I talk off the badages. About two hours later I almost fainted, I started to sweat and I thought I was going to faint. I drank Gatorade and it seemed to help.

My instructions: - Keep the banages on for three days - Keep the compression garments for one months - I can take a shower after three days - I can take a bath after one week - I can work out after seven days.

When I got home, I also noticed that I had a reverse mutton top just above my groin. It was very strange, it was as if it was someone elses body, it was very bloated. About twelve hours later it has greatly subsided. The compression hurts the most, I now really really feel sorry for women back in the date who wore corsets, it must have been horrible. Still, my love handles and abs still feel like I have done a thousand sit-ups. At this point I do not know what the out come is, great or bad. I hope others can use this as a guide. At one day after I can walk better, the compression and abs stil are very very sore. If anyone has any question please let me know. I will write back in a few days when I take off the badages.

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Still, to early exactly 24hrs.

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