Male Flanks (Abs in Two Weeks)... So Far So Good

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Hello, Im a 36 year old guy who eats healthy and...

Hello, Im a 36 year old guy who eats healthy and walks every day everywhere and bikes on weekends.. But since I turned 30 I started developing love handles that couldn't go away with diet or exercise. They got big. Even though I'm not a big guy at all. I weigh 178 pounds and am 5'8" Anyway I decided to do smartlipo on flanks and once in my consultation the doctor convinced me to do abs too. The flanks were done on Saturday morning. The procedure didn't hurt at all... But the recovery that night was painful. It's not true it feels like you worked out, LOL yeah right! But vicodin helps you alright. Today is Monday and I don't feel I need any more pain meds. As far as the result is impressive! The disgusting love handles are gone !!! :D yay! Oh I did drained a lot during sat too! The doctror removed 500 cc in one side and 600 cc on another. I will do abs in august, the doc says the triplex machine is powerful so it's better to do in different sessions as you need more anesthesia than previous lasers. I'll keep you posted and upload pictures soon :)

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