Smart Lipo: Male Abs & Obliques

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I'm one day post-lipo! So I'm still swollen, as...

I'm one day post-lipo! So I'm still swollen, as you can see no one bruise anywhere!!!

My surgeon started by calling in a script for valium 10mg, 20mg lortab, and 1000mg keflex, taken 1hr before lipo time. He started by marking his area out, then clensed the areas with hibiclens and injected lidocane 2% in 5 different sites, on being inside my belly button. Then he used a a cigar cutter type device that cuts a plug of skin out. This is quite different from other doctors, they say you will have less scarring this way. Then the surgeon pumps in Lactaters ringer solution with lidocaine 2% and epinephrine 1:1000000 mixed in.

Afterwards you wear protective goggles, he fires up the laser, temperature readings are taken throughout the whole procedure with an infrared thermometer. Also the joules are called out and recorded per area, about 4000-5000 joules per area are used. I guess they don't want to overheat an area! Then you are served a cold beverage, while he starts suctioning the fat out.

I was surprised how bloodless the procedure was on my abs, but my love handles was a little bloody, but I can't complain, I have no bruising!!! And I didn't pay an outrageous price. I felt very safe with my surgeon as I knew him from the hospital where I work at. Afterwards I felt like I did a million situps.

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