Smartlipo-the Jury is Out??? Still Waiting

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Had smart lipo July 3 on flanks, abdomine and...

Had smart lipo July 3 on flanks, abdomine and inner thighs. I was put under general which was fine with me. I actually prefered it and it did not bother me at all. I leaked for 12 hours and wore compression garment for 2 weeks. I am now in a stage two garment. I have a small lump in left thigh, but continue to massage. I went in 5 days post op and was told 3-6 months to see results. I had 900 cc removed which they said was a lot for me? The more I read, the more I realize that it doesn't sound like much was taken out. I can see that my stomach has gone down but my love handles are still big and my inner thighs are still touching. I thought by 3 weeks I would have my clothes fitting looser, but they are not. I will continue to wear this garment 23/7 until my next visit. I am hoping that this was not all for nothing. I would hate to have to go through this again.

Follow-up visit today, July 29.  Saw my PS...

follow-up visit today, July 29.  Saw my PS today re: a lump in my thigh and continued numbness in flank and upper calf area.  He was concerned that the lump might be a blood clot, thankfully after an ultrasound it is just a scar tissue mass.  He had me do the cold laser treatment again today and I must say, the lump is already smaller.  I can feel some pain, but it's the healing type of pain, if that makes sense.  I have noticed that my stomach and legs are getting smaller, but the flank area is still the same as before the surgery.  I'm still going to be patient and see what happens at the end of August, when I go in again.

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