Small Acne Scars

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I had my peel done five days ago and went to see...

I had my peel done five days ago and went to see the beautian to remove the leftover skin. I still have some flaking skin and the top layer of skin was still peeling!!

Nonetheless, I do notice a difference in my skin. I had small acne scars on my cheek that didn't seem to be going anywhere and decided on Dr Christine Schrammek green peel. During the early stages of it does feel rough - felt like someone was rubbing your skin with their fingernails and yes, like sand paper.

It was tolerable though. By the fourth day, my skin was starting to peel. I took a day of work to avoid the embrassment. My beautian suggested that in a month's time to do a second round of the green peel which will get 'rid' of the scars more....hmm..costing 250 pounds, I don't think i'll get another one done...

I'm content with the results - but don't think I would do it again...microdembrasion would of been better. I don't think the green peel is if for you if you have acne scars as you may need to do more than one treatment and the cost of it was quite expensive!!

Any questions, happy to help out!!

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