Slim Lipo Review

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I had Slim Lipo on my stomach, arms, buttocks,...

I had Slim Lipo on my stomach, arms, buttocks, jowls in one session (6 weeks ago) and then inner thighs, knees and back in a different session (1 week ago).

It is amazing how easy the procedure is. Slight pain from injection of solution and suctioning in places the solution didn't quite reach but overall not bad and I listened to my IPod during the procedure. I didn't take any pain killers (tumescent solution has pain killer in it) since I wanted to drive myself home (1/2 hr away). I had no problem driving myself home from procedures (waited about 1/2 hr after procedure each time). I went back to work next day. I felt a little sore the next few days after the local tumescent solution wore off but took Tylenol. I wore compression garments for three days and now wearing spanx just for comfort.

Results seem much better than traditional liposuction in that skin is smoother (very small cannulas are used). I will probably request that my arms are redone but need to wait 6 months since apparently still swelling.

Dr Susan Cramer

Board certified plastic surgeon who is skilled and a nice person.

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