Sleep Apnea & Rhinoplasty Surgeries

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About 10 years ago, I had pretty severe sleep...

About 10 years ago, I had pretty severe sleep apnea. I had surgeries to a) correct a deviated septum, b) reduce the size of my uvula and c) enlarge my nostrils via some procedure that put hot tubes inside my nostrils and supposedly the scar tissue would keep the nostrils open. The procedure was not painful, but the smell of burning flesh was a bit disquieting! :). At first things were WONDERFUL! The sleep apnea was gone (and still is) and I could breathe freely at night for the first time in my memory.

But after six months os so, the nostrils slowly closed back to their prior state. However, now I use Zyrtec every night and I get along "OK". Overall, I am pleased with the results but wish there was a sure-fire procedure to open the nostrils permanently.

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He is (now) getting a bit old for my taste in a surgeon.

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