37 Yrs, 5'8", 130, 4 kids - Salt Lake City, UT

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As many others have done, I debated this decision...

As many others have done, I debated this decision for years before finally making an appointment with a doctor. Even then, it took 8 more months before I felt brace enough to schedule my BA. Now that it's only one week away, I'm feeling apprehensive but committed. It will be so nice to not have to shop in the kids section anymore for swimsuits and tank tops! Many thanks to all the ladies who've posted their past photos and experiences, you've all been enormously helpful. Going with 300cc mod profile, so I can have some curves but not be too bugged by the bounce. Haven't told my four kids--that will have to come after their weekend visit to grandma's house--but husband is supportive and ready to pamper me all weekend.

1 hour post op

Doing great! Silicone 295cc under the muscle just added to my chest, feeling sore but it's totally manageable. Weirdest thing was being in the OR hanging out with 5 people just waiting for me to fall asleep so they could look at my chest. Ha! I'm hoping the boobs will look good soon, right now they're just funny lumps covered by bandages and the world's most unflattering bra. More updates soon.
Dr Keen was fabulous,
The Avenues Surgical Center was great (I had the place all to myself today) with really friendl nurses.

5 hrs post op

Feeling sore and a bit shaky. Plus the peas stink--should have bought real ice packs. :)
My Left side is way more swollen and hurting. Hopefully it will even out soon!

Day 9

Still not sure if this was worth it. Missing my runs, my arms, and the ability to breathe freely. Guess I should have believed others who said it took weeks to recover, instead of only choosing to believe the people who were feeling better by day 4. Lots of bruising still, and left side very much tighter than right.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr Keen is calm and supportive, and completely in favor of whatever I think will look best. No pressure to upsize, which is great. She's fairly easy to communicate with in person, tough by phone because she's a busy lady, but very accessible by email. Her office manager Jodi is helpful and efficient.

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