Coolsculpting on 23 Yr Old. Love Handles, Lower Abs, and Inner Thighs

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I am 23, 5'2", 123 lbs. I have always been...

I am 23, 5'2", 123 lbs. I have always been extremely active with sports growing up and even lift weights everyday now. No matter what I do, I cannot get rid of my love handles, pooch and inner thighs. I researched it a lot and decided to just go for it. I don't see anything wrong with needing a little push for that stubborn fat.

I went to a couple different places for consultations and decided on Skin Perfect in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for the reasons of 1) I could get a better deal, 2) they had a really nice facility and didn't seem sketchy (the other one I went to was super dark inside and tucked away in a corner of a busy street- didn't feel right) They also had a bunch of certificates from the Cool Sculpting University or something on the walls.

At the consultation a couple weeks ago, I decided on the areas: 2 CoolCores on my lower abdomen, 2 Cool Cores on my love handles, and 2 CoolFits on my inner thighs. (6 total) These were CoolAdvantage so each one took about 35 mins and they did 2 at a time.

When I went in for the treatment, the girl who did it was extremely nice. She explained everything as it was happening. I was even a little unsure about the areas I had previously decided on and she reassured me that I would most likely only need one treatment in those areas. (It is possible that I could need a second treatment because we are all human and everyone is different- totally get that). So I went ahead with my previous plan.

She marked me up and talked me through her entire process and reasoning as to where she was placing each applicator. Even when I had stupid questions, she answered with sincerity. She did warn me that it was going to be painful- especially the massage.

The Treatment: First up was my left inner thigh and right lower ab. The gel pad wasn't even that cold to be honest and the suction was just weird, not painful at all. Then it got cold. I started freaking out a little bit but the girl stayed with me and talked to me to distract me until I could handle it by myself. It was weird. Still not terribly bad though. I watched a movie until she came back in to take off the applicator and that was when the pain hit. OH MY GOSH. I'm not really one to complain about pain.... but holy moly! She took off my lower abdomen applicator first and it was the intense thawing feeling that burns. And then, she was right, the massage was the worst part of the entire process. I was laughing- not because it tickled in any way, but because if I didn't laugh I would cry. so that distracted me a little bit. It felt almost unbearable but soon she was done and the burning sensation got worse. I had to hold the blanket on my abdomen in hopes of it thawing out a bit while she massaged my inner thigh. My inner thigh had absolutely no pain whatsoever. That may be because I was feeling my stomach and it was nothing in comparison.

Next, she hooked up my right thigh and my left lower abdomen. The applicators were cold from the previous treatment so it got cold faster. Again, the first couple mins were a little painful but nothing intolerable. At this point, my skin from my left thigh and right lower abdomen didn't hurt anymore.I had a different girl take these off because my original girl went on her lunch break. This girl did a different type of massage that didn't hurt too bad. I don't think she used as much pressure as the first girl did but it was still effective. The thigh actually hurt more than the stomach this time around.

Then she hooked up my love handles- both sides at the same time. To be honest, this was probably the most uncomfortable treatment just because the applicators brought my hips forward and I couldn't lean back all the way without them hurting or feeling like they were going to pop off. They never did though. Then the pain of the previous treatment went away. Towards the end of this last treatment, I finally settled in and it wasn't bad. I had the original girl come in and massage me out. This massage hurt too. Not as bad as the first massage, but it did hurt.

When the massages were done and the burning sensation dissipated, I felt normal again. My skin went back to its normal color. It was a little sensitive to the touch but hardly any pain.

Then the girl fitted me for a garment that was included with my package. Holy Cow it was tight. I was instructed to wear it pretty much 24/7 for the first month and drink lots and lots of water. Exercise at least 30 mins-1 hr a day and do anything that makes me sweat like sit in the sauna.

As soon as I left the facility, I went to the gym and did leg day. NO PAIN AT ALL!

It is now the day after the procedure and the only places that hurt are the areas that had some overlap. Those areas are a little tender but everything else is fine. I'm not used to wearing a garment... so that actually kind of sucks but whatever.

This treatment was really expensive, but I am hopeful that I will eventually see some results in a few months.

2 weeks

Today is Day 14 and I've worn the garment 24/7 (with the exception of showering and washing it) and I haven't had any real pain. Only the spots that overlapped were sensitive to touch for the first week (like a bruise) but I could still have my 12 lb dog walk on my stomach. The skin is slightly numb still- not too much though, it just feels weird. Most of the feeling is back now.

The first time I had my garment off for more than an hour was day 5 and I felt the little zingers everyone has been talking about. They aren't really painful just weird. And I only felt a few in the overlapped area. I really feel that the garment suppressed a lot of the pain people have been talking about. There were only 3 little zingers and that was it. I haven't felt any since.

I did bruise a little on my back from one applicator on my love handles but that went away in a couple days.

I FEEL a difference already. I can't see one but when I put my hands on my waist to rest them there, I feel smaller than before the procedure. (It's my go-to hand position so I know I feel a difference).

My thighs are completely fine. Nothing going on there. Literally nothing. I hope it was all worth it...

Measurements haven't changed at all. I can say the hardest thing is going to be being diligent about wearing this garment. I haven't told anyone that I did this and my garment goes all the way to my knees and it is getting HOT. I have 2 more weeks to wear it 24/7 and then the next couple months will be at least for the night. It's going to be rough.
Skin Perfect

I had my consultation with Kelly (I think) and Jo was the one who did most of my treatment. Brittany (I think that was her name) came in when Jo was on break. They were all really great! No complaints!

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