5'7" Female; Couldn't Lose Tummy Bulge with Diet and Exercise!

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I’m a 5’7” female and about 145 pounds. I...

I’m a 5’7” female and about 145 pounds. I would definitely consider myself active, but I don’t go to the gym as often as I would like and my stomach is paying for it. I had the treatment done on my stomach/abdomen about 7 weeks ago, but I’m not seeing a real difference. Also, contrary to what a lot of people said, I did find the treatment painful, like my stomach making tight fists with a burning sensation. I wanted to stick it out though for the hopes of a tighter stomach, so I did. The treatment was quick, but I'm not that is a good thing when it comes to a treatment on my body.

I really can’t see a difference in my photos and don’t feel that much different, so I would say it didn’t go as well as I would have hoped, and definitely don’t think it was worth the cost or pain. Maybe I need a second treatment, but I'll have to wait until there is a discount.

I'll upload a before/after photo shortly!
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