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I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss...

I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss getting a few procedures done to my face. My main concern was my nose and how it spreads when I smile, I wanted a tip refinement and my nostrils brought it, he discussed how this would be achieved with an open rhinoplasty and showed me what I would look like on a generated image on his computer, although it was only a simulation I was very impressed with the outcome. I have also looked at three other members of this site that have had ethnic rhinoplastys performed by Bert and I love the results, he also had a few more ethnic noses in his portfolio that all looked so natural. In order to also remove some roundness from my face we spoke about getting silicone chin implant to add some length to my face along with buccal fat removal. Dr Oelbrandt says he only removes half a tea spoon of fat from each cheek so I don't have to worry about looking overly gaunt. I am currently at university so I can't really do anything until exams are over in May but I am so excited and have such confidence in him. Will keep you updated in the next few months!


Here is a breakdown of the procedure prices;
£3200 for ethnic rhinoplasty (alar base reduction and open tip refinement)
£2200 for small silicone chin implant
£1500 for Buccal far removal
All together that's £6900 and there is an additional £400 to stay over night at the hospital

Few favourite operated noses

More pictures

40 days to go!

Last Saturday I had my second consultation with Dr Oelbrandt where we cemented a few ideas about what I was getting done and about overall what I hoped my final result would be. It was a really fun consultation, we flicked through endless pdf files of chin implants talking about pros and cons of different shapes and different implant materials such as silicone and Medpor and spent a lot of time what would look good on my face. My face is quite round as I mentioned before and I'm hoping for something that will give me a slimmer feminine look. I went with my mum this time which was also really nice, although she has been super supportive, like any mother she was skeptical and a little bit upset about me wanting to do so much to my face, especially at the age of 21, which she kept reiterating haha. I had originally booked my surgery for Tuesday 7th June but have now moved it to Monday 13th. I will do another update where I talk about travel and accommodation because I stressed myself out about so much for no reason. So I have included a few pictures of what I showed to Dr O last saturday, a few chins, profiles and noses that I love especially. After recently seeing a fellow realselfer who got her nose done with Dr O I am so excited and have soso much faith in him, her results are literally incredible. I have been stocking up on necessities before surgery so far I have: Hibiscrub anti bacterial wash for my face before surgery, Arnica pills, Arnica gel, Surgical tape (although will not need it for a week or so after surgery), Vitamin E capsules, Face ice mask, Listerine antibacterial mouth wash and some saline nasal spray. I think thats probably more than I need but I want to be prepared. I will upload some proper front and profile pictures of myself after the surgery so I can upload side by side comparisons.

Travelling and accommodation

So today I managed to sort out all of my travel and accommodation, it has been something that I put off because I didn't think it was going to be as straight forward as it was. Ive decided to spend 4 days in Belgium and have chosen to stay in an Air BnB as I am really not keen on the idea of being stuck in a hotel room as Im trying to recover and found an amazing apartment in Antwerp which is a 15 cab ride from the Singelberg clinic. I decided to take the Eurostar as opposed to flying because I live super close to St Pancras and it saves me travelling to and from Heathrow. I now have all my tickets and accommodation sorted so now the count down can officially begin. has been the ultimate LIFESAVER in terms of booking my connecting transportation to Antwerp - I would definitely reccomdend the site.

8 days to go

I thought I'd upload some proper pictures of myself that give a better view of my nose. I don't think I'll be posting pictures throughout recovery with the cast on because I dont really see the point but once the cast is off I will definitely refer back to these pictures to show the progress and changes that come with the decreasing swelling over the months to come. xx

Officially 1 day post op.

Hi everyone, I have officially made it past the 24hour mark. Surgery went well but the anaesthesia didn't sit well with me at all and had spend longer in the hospital due to the fact that I kept vomiting blood. They even gave me an injection in my bum, thinking about it now makes me cringe! I had my surgery at the Sint Jozef hospital in Bornem as opposed to the Clinic in Beveren I think because I had everything done under general whereas most procedures at the clinic happen under local or twilight anaesthesia. I will be honest these past few hours have been very difficult and the main reason was the vomitig but then also the nasal packing! I could not breath through my nose and the packing was making my nose smell like the anaesthesia (if that makes any sense) which was making me feel even more sick. I woke up super early to take the packaging out and everything has been better since. Today I haven't done anything just walked around the apartment a few times and iced my face. I'm so glad I opted for an apartment and not a hotel room. I would be going crazy by now. My swelling is SUPER INTENSE, my eyes are swollen my nose, lips and chin area too but the bruising isn't so bad which may be down to the Bromelain and Arnica I had been taking. I haven't really had an appetite but have been eating/drinking Ellas kitchen smoothies to give me energy. My bottom left side of my lip is swollen and I'm a bit paranoid that it could be due to nerve damage as my chin implant was done intro-orally but there is no point in worrying myself as I'm swollen all over. I will return back to London tomorrow via Eurostar which I am absolutely DREADING as I look horrendous but I just really want to be at home. If you have any questions feel free to ask and will keep you updated once I'm back at home.

So sorry to scare you girls like this...

I have just had my chin implant stitch removed by Dr Oelbrandt at my 2 day post operative appointment. It was painless and I had this done at the Sint Jozef Klinek where I had my surgery. My post op today was super quick and took about 5 mins but we spent an extra while having a chit chat, I also managed to book another consultation with him next month, just to check up on progress. I can't remember if I already wrote this but I've lost feeling in my bottom lips being due to the nerves being stretched. It's so uncomfortable and even though it's numb there's a constant cold tingling feeling. Dr O said it will take up to 3 months before it goes away which isn't what I wanted to hear but I'm so glad it's not permanent. At the moment my swelling is ridiculous. My head has become a square, I'm not even joking. I know I said I wasn't going to include healing pictures but I do think it's so important to know what to expect. It's the weirdest thing seeing myself like this and a huuuuuge test on my anxiety and bdd being out in public all swollen and makeup less. I'm freaking out about whether or not they will let me on the Eurostar I look so far away from myself at the moment! All for now. I don't want to become super annoying constantly updating but I honestly have nothing else to do and helps the time pass.

I received a few private messages...

I received a few private messages asking if I would mind uploading some more pictures of myself before the surgery, just as a way to see how swelling does affect the overall face shape. It's a bit cringe as they're all selfies but hey. I don't know if I mentioned but when I woke up from the surgery, Dr Oelbrandt told me that he decided against giving me an Alarplasty, which has made me a bit worried because that was one of the main things I wanted doing as well as tip refinement and don't see how I can have my ideal nose without it. He did say to me if I really felt I wanted it he would do it for me free of charge but it's just so annoying as It all adds up (taxis, accommodation, travel) know he is the surgeon and he knows what's best but this is the second time a surgeon has agreed something with me multiple times before a procedure and given me something different based on their likes and not mine when it came to the initial surgery. I am a bit nervous about what's under my cast, I know it's impossible to tell when it comes to shape already, but I really don't like what I can see so far. I just think it looks super pinched - and not in proportion as my nose is still quite wide but only time will tell! I am trying to stay positive, get through this swelling and make it to Tuesday when I will be taking my cast off! x

I will be honest...

I think I'm about 9 days post op and I will be honest I am super unhappy with my results as of now. I didn't want to write this because I hate reading updates where people are unhappy and hate their results but this is me right now. I know that it's early days and my nose is still swollen and constantly changing as well so this update is pointless but what I'm seeing so far I'm really not liking. I was told by Dr O that he would keep my profile exactly the same and would not do anything to change it (I was only having work to refine the tip) but now it's huge and not as feminine as it was before (I'm suppeeerrrr hoping that this is ALL swelling and my nice profile comes back) and I hate that my tip just looks so huge now. Hopefully in 6 weeks my side profile goes back to normal and I get to see more definition in my tip but as for now I won't be updating for the next few weeks until swelling goes away and I'm more comfortable with posting my pics. I have received a lot of inboxes asking me to update constantly but I don't think that people realise that getting a rhinoplasty a very personal/emotional and almost mental experience (it's difficult looking in the mirror and not recognising myself and hating what I look like) and sometimes I don't want to put myself online and pictures of myself out there when I'm not feeling the best, the most vulnerable and almost have to explain myself and all my feelings on the cyber world - not that I don't think this is great but yeah. Anyway that's all for now. Thanks xx

Almost 4 weeks.

Nose still looks awful and swelling doesn't look to have visibly gone down since the cast was taken off. Doesn't seem to look like an improvement so far at all and looks super wide short and stubby. Hoping the swelling goes away ASAP.


Hi guys,
I just wanted to quickly write this because I reaalllyyy do not want this review to put anyone off Dr Oelbrandt. I have had 2 quite weary messages since sharing my recovery and I just wanted to say that honestly Dr O is such a great surgeon who really cares for his patients. I am literally just having a rubbish time with swelling, all of his previous results I have seen are beautiful and do have faith that later on down the line I too will have great results once all of this heals and this ridiculous swelling subsides. I have been e-mailing back and forth with Dr Oelbrandt and he always takes the time to respond and in detail too even though he has such a busy schedule. Before getting surgery I honestly thought I had the patience of a saint but this has really showed me how impatient I am. Today I am officially one month post op and although I don't have my expected result so far, I do have a long way to go. So please don't let this put anyone off and I am super sorry if I have filled a few people with some sort of doubt in his abilities xx

Latest pictures

Sorry I haven't updated on here, i just haven't really been motivated. I found out that my surgeon has been keeping up with me via reading my review and now I just feel awkward about what I write on here as I don't want anything that I write depending on how I'm feeling towards my nose to have an effect on the doctor patient relationship. Still hoping I've got lots of swelling in the the tip as it still seems a bit bulky to me but I'm only 3 months out so I've got to give it some time. I am enjoying slowly seeing my nose change, especially the side profile, as laborious as it is.

Tip work

So here is a before and after of my nose, the top picture is the day of surgery and the bottom picture was taken today, just over 3 months after my surgery. I had my some tip sutures put in that were supposed to define my nasal tip more and some slight cartilage defatting from the sides. A friend of mine joked that I'm a before and after in reverse. This is the main reason why I'm aesthetically unpleased thus far, I was after a slightly smaller more defined version of what I already had. Maybe by the time I reach a year post op my results will be visible but for now I feel like any tip definition I did have has just disappeared.

Almost 4 months post op & 1 month steroid shot

This is just a quick update, I had a steroid injection in my nose a month ago to get rid of the swelling but it hasn't really helped. My side profile improved a bit but some days I wake up and it's completely swollen again. Im still unhappy with how my nose looks, still no definition and to me my new nose looks and feels a lot fatter than my old nose. Maybe some definition will come back but at four months I really don't expect to see any drastic changes from now on forward so now I'm already thinking about revision surgery. I am really hoping my nose improves but it's just so off from what was expecting.

6 months post op

7 months post op.

8 months post op

Still unhappy with my nose. This "swelling" does not seem to want to disappear, 8 months and 2 steroid injections later.

9.5 months

Still really unhappy, having breathing problems, zero definition, a bump forming on my bridge and skin discolouration from the corticosteroid injection that has been more of a hindrance than a help. I have booked to see a cranofacial specialist in June, I'm praying that he has some good news for me in terms of getting some definition back in my tip.


Hi all, I have been absent for a long time, my nose was reallllly getting me down and being active on realself wasn't helpful for me at all so I stopped coming on here. This is just an update to fill you in on where I'm at now that I have officially passed the one year mark. I had a revision done on the 23rd June but because I signed a non-disclosure agreement meaning that I cannot share my after pictures nor discuss the name of my surgeon online. I will however say that I am currently 12 days post op and I am absolutely over the moon. I am already honestly thrilled happy with how my nose looks, how I'm able to breathe and overall I'm just SO happy to be able to put this period of unhappiness and nose drama behind me completely!


Hi all, after receiving many messages, I received the go ahead from my surgeon allowing me to release his information.
I had my revision rhinoplasty done with Dr Noorman Van Der Dussen at the Singelberg Clinic - the same clinic that I had my primary done with.
In the last year have I met with many surgeons to discuss revisions and I have to say out of all of them, Dr Van Der Dussen was definitely the most knowledgable, professional and kind. Initially, I was worried to meet with another surgeon from the same clinic because of my past experience and thought perhaps he may play down my problems but I was so wrong. Dr VDD and his staff all made me feel so comfortable and at ease through out the whole process.
There aren't many reviews on him online but don't let that put you off at all, it is definitely worth at least booking a consultation if you can to meet with him in person. I hand on heart would recommend him.

Time to bring this review to a close

So it is definitely time for me to bring this review to a close, as I look back on it I feel so much anger at myself for going through with this surgery with him, I'm angry that I didn't see the red flags, I'm angry at how much of an unprofessional a surgeon he is and I'm angry that I allowed myself to be made to feel unsure of myself. Nothing I have ever written in this review has been written with mal intent or spite, I only wanted to document this whole process step by step and to show others what the whole rhinoplasty experience is really like. I have held back what I wanted to say many times because I know that Dr. Oelbrandt had my review under surveillance but no more, I am ending this as honestly as possible.
I'm sick of people excusing Dr. Oelbrandts rudeness towards his patients as being "direct" and "straight to the point", we cannot excuse this type of treatments towards patients, I recently read how degraded a woman felt by him as she went in to see about a breast uplift and left in tears. This is something I felt after many of my checkups. I was constantly made to second guess myself and feel embarrassed because I was unhappy with my clearly botched results. Throughout this whole process, there were so many irregularities in the information that Dr Oelbrandt provided me with. I now have 2 wide lines at the base of my nose, when I first asked the Dr about them he told me it was swelling, after a few check-ups I asked again because they weren't seeming to resolve, he then told me that he had purposely placed them there.
In one check up he had told me that he had strengthened my bridge but I was told that my side profile would not change, when I asked how my bridge was strengthened without the use of grafts, he backtracked on his comment about strengthening the bridge.
In another post-op checkup my Dr had an issue with me because he said that I was moaning and complaining here on realself because of my comments that I had made about the strange sensation in my chin after my chin implant. This is not the behaviour of a professional.
While I am here I would like to warn everyone to be vigilant about the reviews you see on here, every time a negative review towards Dr Oelbrandt appears on here on Realself, in no less than 3 days, two positive reviews appear. These positive reviews never contain pictures and only a small amount of information. when you read these reviews always do so with extra caution. In my opinion, there is a strong possibility that they are all falsified as a way to keep his ratings up and this is extremely important to Dr. Oelbrant, more important than his patient's wellbeing and happiness it would seem. The accounts are usually new and not active but only post a few short lines about how much of a great doctor he is and then never post again. When people request pictures from these reviews, they are ignored. These numerous falsified reviews are only here to improve his overall rating. Do not believe it unless you can see real photos.
Since my surgery, 3 people who have been botched by Dr Oelbrandt have reached out to me on here. This surgeon really has a hit and miss when it comes to ethnic noses, however, most of the time, its a miss. I am aware that this surgeon has a strong presence on this website and that he spends a lot of his free time reading his own patients reviews. I even have a string of emails from him that I received at 1 am where he tried to inflict a gagging order because he was unhappy about how my comment about "not wanting to get surgery in Iran" would be perceived by other prospective patients. In reality, he should be more worried about my before and after pictures and not my comments. Not even his senior doctor who works at the same clinic could fix what he had done to my nose however my breathing has improved.
When you have a rhinoplasty, there are a number of different procedures that all come together, for example, tipplasty, osteotomy, alarplasty, hump shaving, each component has a different price. When I paid for my surgery, the price of an alarplasty was included. For some reason during surgery, Dr. Oelrbandt decided to go against what he had promised, what I had asked and paid for and decided not to give me the alarplasty. This meant that I was out of pocket and had paid for a procedure I did not get, I was told by Tahira that she would arrange a refund for this in February and then since then, she neglected to respond to my emails. When I saw her she told me that she would get back to me regarding all of this information yet I still haven't heard anything. I have a number of emails that have been unanswered by both Dr Oelbrandt (I waited 6 weeks for a response to a healing query, yet during this time he was actively stalking my review) This is no way for paying customers to be treated. I should be more than entitled to the money I paid for the alarplasty but they are refusing to cooperate. I was essentially conned out of £400+ for a procedure I didn't get.
This surgeon admitted to me via email that he had shown my personal pictures to other surgeons (without seeking my approval) however then went on to warn me "note that I have always kept your data confidential, I would expect the same" when I asked what kind of data he expects me to keep confidential because I was completely unaware of what I had done, he ignored my email. This was because in all honesty, I hadn't stepped out of line or shared confidential data but he was just angry that I was being honest here on my review.
There is so much more I want to write but I really just hope that this serves as a warning to everyone considering this doctor for any procedure in the future. And for those who may doubt anything, I will happily send you screenshots of the e-mails so you can see for yourself just how rude and unprofessional he is.
PLEASE, do your research and do not settle. Dont be enticed by the cheap price, don't be enticed by one review of a nice nose you've seen on here, do not be enticed by the idea that he has operated on more than five ethnic noses, don't be enticed by the fact that Belgium is not too far. When it comes down to it, your nose is in the middle of your face and this is not something to take lightly. I have had to pay the price of mental health problems and crippling self-confidence issues because I did not do enough research. And for all of those who are desperate for surgery but do not wish to pay British prices, research doctors such as Ozge Ergun, Emre Ilhan and especially Dr Murat Enoz who work with thick skinned patients of Arab and African descent regularly. All of these doctors are also very skilled ENT surgeons so it is unlikely that you will face breathing problems as I did after my surgery with Dr. Oelbrant.
But I mean this honestly and sincerely, I would not recommend anyone have surgery with Dr. Oelbrandt, the lack of professionalism and the treatment I received from the Singelberg clinic is embarrassing. If I could go back in time and stop myself from ever having surgery with him I would.
Two surgeries later I am left with a bulbous, over projected, uneven and unattractive nose. I am now planning a third revision and a chin explant. As it stands at the moment I just want to remove all traces of this whole experience.
London Plastic Surgeon

Definitely not the most professional surgeon I have come across, over stepped the line a few times.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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