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After two kids and two years losing weight I was...

After two kids and two years losing weight I was seriously considering a tummy tuck. Abdomen has always been my problem, even before I had kids. When I saw cool sculpting I decided to give it a go. Since my tummy bulge is rather big, from the beginning I had anticipated that I would need two, perhaps even three rounds. Therefore, I had no expectations after the first procedure, I scheduled a follow up in two months.

Few weeks before my next appointment the result was clearly appearing. It was such a strange feeling to touch your own body, when you know your shape and contours by heart, and suddenly realise that it had flattened a bit. Needless to say, I was very thrilled. Next thing - another round on tummy, love handles and inner tights. I am a fan! Each time I see the result without exception, but it's more like a two months after the procedure. I also think that unless you have a very slight bulge, you should consider two rounds.

This is just basic maths - something is hanging out - you would ideally want to eliminate 100%, not only 25! After two rounds you really see your body changing. So my advice would be not to even think about it before 8 weeks elapsed, possibly longer. With regards to the pain etc.... Really people... Have you been to the dentist, or gave birth, or fell of the bike? It is not pleasant for sure and yes you may bruise a bit. But I clearly rank cool sculpting in unpleasant/slightly uncomfortable, NOT painful. So in summary, I am kind of addicted :) few more months of waiting - my next procedure is at the end of march, and I hope to finally have normal proportions! Sorry I don't have pics now, but I will ask my doctor and update when I can.

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