Best $2000 I've Spent in my Life - Singapore

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Hi there, I've had my reservations as to how...

Hi there,
I've had my reservations as to how much it'll work for my stubborn fats. I've had them for the longest time ever. I exercise regularly and am considered slim but I've never dared to wear a bikini due to my muffin top tummy. For me, the fats are both above the navel and below. And no matter how slim I am, i still feel 'heavy' and fat due to my stomach.

Had the procedure done end of may for both upper and lower sections of stomach and I've seen results 1 month into the procedure already. Now 1.5 months in, my stomach is even flatter. I'm wondering if it'll go down even more as they say that it takes 2-3 months for fats to be flushed out of our system

For those who are worried, I would say give it some time and you'll definitely see results.

Do note that I was only exercising minimally in the first month and I've just fracture my foot and have been inactive for 2 weeks. It seems as if the fats just simply melt away. However I was on a 4HB diet for the past 4 weeks so maybe that helped in losing the inches too. I believe if I could exercise and up my cardio now, my stomach will be even flatter. Will post my before and after soon when Im more mobile.

Seriously though, I've never felt better about my body and I cant wait for my foot to heal to train up my stomach and get into a bikini! It's the best $2k I've spent in my life.

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