Uneven Breasts After Replacement Surgery - Singapore

Hi hi! I had sub glandular breast implants...

Hi hi! I had sub glandular breast implants (silicon 255) done about 3 years ago but my 2 pregnancies really took a toll on them, and rippling occurred... And so I got them replaced (w silicone 325) 9 days ago, but under the muscles this time. And the ripples were gone. However, the right breast appears to be higher than the left.

When I asked my surgeon about it today, he said that its due to a "collection of blood" left under the skin on the previous incision pocket from the previous implant" that is causing the "swelling on one side more than the other" and that "it will go away by itself or by drainage in a few weeks time" and that "it happens more often to patients doing replacement surgeries".

The recovery process was not too bad... but having the breasts uneven didn't give me much to look forward too... the past 9 days would have been much easier if i had seen good results early... not sure if its too much to ask.

Please tell me if things like these do happens? I appreciate your help and advice! I'm quite upset when i see the uneveness.

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not sure if things will turn out well yet

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