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On a routine dental visit, my dentist noticed...

On a routine dental visit, my dentist noticed hairline fractures three front teeth, the result of pressure from crowding. I opted for Invisalign to reduce the pressure on the teeth and save them. Straight teeth would be a nice bonus.

I have complete confidence in my dentist and was delighted to learn that she is Invisalign-certified. My dentist explained all aspects of the Invisalign process and gave me plenty of opportunity to ask questions. She also had the person in her office who handles the financial/contracting side of Invisalign explain that aspect of things to me. She did not pressure me at all. But I had no doubt. I had read about Invisalign and was interested in it, but I couldn't justify the money for cosmetic reasons alone. Cracked teeth were a different story, and I couldn't wait to get started.

I had 14 upper trays and 24 lower. Treatment was completed in 15 months, and no refinement was needed. I had only mild pain with 2-3 trays. Other than that, the process was completely painless. I stuck to the rules the entire 15 months - wore the trays 22 hours/day, took them out every time I ate or drank anything other than water, and brushed and flossed before putting the trays back in every time. (My dentist does not cut corners, and that truly benefits her patients.) My speech was not affected by the trays at all, and no one noticed the trays unless I specifically pointed them out.

I would have been very happy with 85% correction, but I wound up with 100%. Invisalign was an incredibly easy experience, well worth the investment, and I am thrilled with the results. I also highly recommend my dentist.

Dr. H is extremely knowlegeable, conscientious, caring, meticulous, and gentle. She explained everything to me beforehand, so I had a very clear picture of what I was getting into getting into and the commitment required. There were no surprises, except that the entire process was much easier than I anticipated and the end result was even better than I dreamed. Dr. H also explained every step along the way as we got to it. And she was great about answering the few questions that I did have. The other dentists in the practice and the rest of the staff are also terrific. They are all talented professionals who truly care about people. The contract was very clear, and there were never any issues with billing/payment, etc. This entire practice is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I live over 70 miles from this dental office, and it is well worth the drive!

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