Silskin Injection in Lips - Tulsa

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I had Silskin injected in my lips during a plastic...

I had Silskin injected in my lips during a plastic surgery procedure about 1 1/2 years ago. At 40, I had smokers line and creases even though I do not smoke.  My doctor said that I created these from kissing my dogs (adorable Shih Tzus) to much!  I had previously tried Botox, and Restylane.  The Botox doesn't last of course, but the Restylane hurt like hell and the look was weird, not natural.  The look seemed spread out instead of full. 

Now keep in mind that I go to the best in my fairly large city, so you can trust my experiences.  My doctors were trained by the best and are very good with the needle.  If you try these procedures, for goodness sakes pay the extra money for the best doctor you can find and do your research beforehand. Now what you have been waiting for...Silskin was fabulous!  Very natural looking.  Gave my vermillion border a perfect shape and great fullness.  This product is supposed to be permanant , so get the best doctor.  I went back after 1 yr and had a second fill because my lines had been so deep.  Th e doctor initially said that very little is put in and it is better to layer the procedures for the best look.  I am very happy and would recommend this to all my friends if I ever told them I did it.

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