Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr Warwick Nettle = 5 stars

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Dr Warwick Nettle is the best plastic and...

Dr Warwick Nettle is the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon I have come across. He is not only an extremely nice and humble man but the quality of his work is absolutely amazing. He has great bedside manner, is extremely caring (he even called me the day after surgery to check up on me) and is extremely well priced considering the quality and time he spends on his patients.

I visited him in June 2013 after two failed nose jobs with Dr William Mooney. I will give a brief recap of the experience with Dr Mooney which led me to consult Dr Nettle.
The first nose job I had back in July 2007 left me with a very long and droopy tip and two 'bumps' of cartilage on my nose. After I went back to Dr Mooney in 2012 to discuss my concerns (particularly regarding those bumps) he injected me with three steroid injections over a short period of 3 months- this as it turns out was excessive.. and I was left with large dents in nose (steroids cause atrophy of the skin and 'eat' away at the tissue) so the amount I was given eroded half my nose. I told Dr Mooney I now had three problems 1) an over elongated tip 2) those original two bumps were still visible and now 3) because of the steroids half my nose had visible dents.

Dr Mooney offered me a revision - which I accepted as my nose was no way near acceptable in the state it was in. Even though I showed Dr Mooney pictures of what I wanted done with my nose he simply informed me I would look amazing after wards. Though he never properly explained to me what exactly he was doing except by saying that he would place crushed cartilage at the bridge of my nose (the place which had been eaten up by steroids). I trusted him thinking he could correct my nose and it would be fine.
After the surgery I woke up feeling extremely dizzy - to my horror my nostrils were completely asymmetrical - turns out Dr Mooney thought it would be a great idea to make them smaller without having first informed me- the intensive care doctor even remarked that they had a 'deformity' I was horrified but I waited for the swelling to go down as advised by Mooney.

When the cast came off a week later I was horrified my usually thin nose was now extremely wide and my nostrils were uneven - to top it off my once straight nose was crooked and would bow to one side when I smiled. When I repeatedly over many consultations told Mooney of my concerns his remarks were to the effect that he could 'lift' it in a third operation or that one of his friends could fix it for me - in another consultation he remarked that he showed his colleagues my nose and they all liked it- and that it didn't need to be fixed.
The fact that after two nose jobs I still had a droopy tip (something which is easily corrected in one nose job not three) really upset me. I hadn't realised how bad it was till I visited Dr Nettle.

By the time I saw Dr Nettle about 10 months after my second nose job with Mooney, Dr Nettle thoroughly explained to me what was wrong with mine - as it turns out Mooney had chopped off the bottom half of my septum to try and repair the top half of my nose which had been damaged by the steroids. This caused my nose to completely collapse - the droopy tip I once had was now extremely more evident than before the revision, the second operation left me with a nose which was structurally and aesthetically worse than the first one.

Dr Nettle informed me that surgery with him would cost $7,350 (his fee) and that it would take approx. 2 and a half hours. It turns out it actually took 3 and a half hours to repair my nose.
Here is the best bit- because Dr Mooney had chopped off half my septum - Dr Nettle now required cartilage to rebuild the tip and base of my nose - either he had to harvest cartilage from my ribs or my ears. I chose the ear option. Dr Nettle in a typical revision told me he would use one ear worth of cartilage but because my nose was depleted of so much cartilage he had to use both my ears.

I note the ears are much more painful than a nose - however I have absolutely no scars on my ears or nose - So much work was done on my nose by Dr Nettle and yet it looks completely natural with no scars- the intricate detail in his work is remarkable . I will post more pictures in the near future but if you can see from the one I provided the left shot is a picture of my nose after Dr Mooney's revision and the right picture is my nose after Dr Nettle's nose reconstruction.

As you can see my nose was extremely broad before and the tip had collapsed - Dr Nettle with his amazing artistic ability has literally given me a brand new nose. I have no idea how he did it but the man is a genius.
To anyone considering surgery or reconstructive I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Nettle. Please note that Dr Nettle is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon - this qualification takes many many extra years of study to attain whilst many other doctors including Dr Mooney are not actual plastic surgeons rather they are 'cosmetic' - there is a big difference in qualifications and this is evident through their work.

The picture speaks for itself - only a handful of surgeons worldwide are as skilled as Dr Nettle so please always do your research before picking your doctor, not many surgeons could fix the nose I had been left with after those first 2 surgeries but Dr Nettle not only fixed the structural problems he nailed it aesthetically - giving me a nose everyone has complimented me on. I cannot thank him enough.

Side view - Dr Nettle reconstructed my collapsed tip after two unsuccessful surgeries with Dr William Mooney

Before with Dr William Mooney. After reconstruction by Dr Warwick Nettle

Left: how my nose look after Dr William Mooney operated on it a second time ( it had collapsed here)
Right: after Dr Warwick Nettle reconstructed it he corrected the structural damage as well as internal blockage of my airways

New photos

Left picture : After two unsuccessful surgeries with Dr WIlliam Mooney resulting in significant structural damage

Right picture : After Dr Warwick Nettle successfully reconstructed my nose using grafts from both my ears

New photos

Left picture : After two unsuccessful surgeries with Dr WIlliam Mooney resulting in significant structural damage

Right picture : After Dr Warwick Nettle successfully reconstructed my nose using grafts from both my ears

Before and after

Before and after

Side profile

Before (performed by Dr WIlliam Mooney) and After ( Revision Reconstructive Rhinoplasty performed by Dr Warwick Nettle)

Before and After

Before and after reconstruction

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Words cannot describe how nice and amazingly skilled Dr Nettle is . The man is an artistic genius. Highly recommended. When you ask for something he delivers it and perfects it. I give him 11/10.

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