It Was Love at First Implant

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I had breast fed my son and when he was weened I...

I had breast fed my son and when he was weened I could not believe the state of my breasts. There was absolutely ZERO breast tissue left, and they layed flat against my chest. You bet I was upset about this. Regardless of whether you have solid self esteem - something of this severe change in appearance does have impact no matter who you are. I did have the surgery after much thought and as soon as they were implanted it was a very joyful union!! The only thing unfortunate about implants, and continues from time to time, is reading up on all the horrendous things that can go wrong.....I may have my own horror story some day but I honestly have to say that all couldn't be better with my implants. I had them put in in 1990 and had an MRI 2007 and all was well. I look after myself and have had zero problems.

I feel that some problems sited are legit but I see others as high drama reports and opportunists in regards to wanting attention or money.

Dr. Bederman (since deceased)

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