Done About 4 Years Ago - Did Work for Me - Silicon Valley, CA

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I had this done by a fairly reputable...

I had this done by a fairly reputable dermatologist about 4 years ago. Results were great, and have held up over time, with no down side. The doctor, his staff, and his mother all had previously had the procedure done, which influenced me a lot, as they all looked good. At the time, I wasn't aware that bad results were possible; I was mostly warned that the result might not be as effective as I hoped, and might only last a couple of years. However, it came out better than I hoped. But I see that lots of people have had terrible results. So there's something very unpredictable about the procedure, and I must have been lucky. Of course, I was influenced by the fact that I could look at his and his staff faces for real life examples compared to their before pictures, and all were successes, so maybe it wasn't entirely luck.

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