Scared to Death - Shreveport, LA

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So I've been reading the horror stories and the...

So I've been reading the horror stories and the good stories on here about BR surgery. I'm scheduled because I have existing back problems. I am 36 5'5 no kids none in the future and I wear a 42 DD I've been measured at a 42 DDD but I did not like the way those looked on me. anyway. My Dr. is B. O'neal in Shreveport Louisiana and I've seen one bad review of him on here which scares me. I've only talked to him once which was my initial visit. I've mainly been conversing with his staff. one of which has been working with him for 17 years and she said not once have they had a horror story, but I imagine that she's trying not to discourage me from getting it done. Insurance is only allowing 750 g per side which is alittle over 3 lbs. I've seen on here that it will take 18 mths to completely heal. Ive also seen that it takes about 6 mths to be unswollen. Is this worth putting myself through. Ive been teased from x boyfriends which I know not to count their opinions . calling them biggie smalls and saying that they look like elbows that are hanging low. Ive been big since I cant even remember what grade. ive always been unhappy with them though and ive finally been brave enough to see if I cant do anything about it.
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