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I am a healthy, fit, childless 48 year old woman. ...

I am a healthy, fit, childless 48 year old woman. Puberty graced me with large breasts then I became overweight during my adult life. I'm 5'4 with a medium frame and at my heaviest hit 200 lbs. I lost and regained significant amounts (30+ lbs) probably 3-4 times in my life. My most dramatic weight loss came after an acute illness. Dropped 50 lbs in 2 months and in my late 30's. My skin had lost the ability to shrink and despite never breast feeding, was left was a couple of pretty droopy breasts. My fitness levels have steadily increased which gave me nice muscle tone but burned up the remaining soft tissue in my torso. My search for the right doc started over a year ago. I looked hard for a couple of months and then my busy schedule put an end to it. This doctor, the time off work, the surgery opening, truly just lined up and happened. Very little effort on my part and I couldn't be happier. Srsly, folks, I went in for the consult and a week later was in surgery. Very unusual all the way around. I knew he was the right doc during the consult. I went with my gut and hopefully asked, "Any chance we could get this done by the end of the year?" They'd just had a cancellation that morning for this week. I booked it, paid for it and off we went. Also, as luck would have it, I'd just had a complete physical done with another doc. Voila, pre-op labs, ready to go.

Why no implant: My research had convinced me that to achieve the lovely shape and upper pole fullness I sought I'd have to get an implant. I considered no implant but thought, "If I'm going to do this better do it right" I did not want larger breasts. I'm a nice C and happy right where I am. I just didn't believe I could get the fullness w/o an implant. Dr. Solomon and I talked extensively about what I could realistically expect with no implant and with. This is why I knew he was the right doc. No BS. The other consult I'd had didn't even mention the possibility of no implant. Middle aged with droopy boobs? I was only offered one option. Dr. Solomon took the time to listen to ME. I'm unusual that I didn't want larger breasts. Been there, done that. Pro's to no impant: half the recovery time. Yes, it's a more extensive and difficult surgery but there is no "muscle work" All soft tissue. Nipple sensation retained. No invading the chest wall and creating a cavity for an implant. No foreign body. No worries about scar tissue forming around implant. Basically, all the worries that come along with an implant are gone. I am fortunate that I had enough volume left that I could get a nice result with no implant. Again, if I'd wanted larger breasts, I would have had to get an implant. The procedure was more expensive but that is because the doc had to spend much more time in the OR than a simple implant placement. It takes a skilled surgeon to get a nice shape without relying on an implant. This is another thing about Dr. Solomon. He truly is a master at doing these. No less than 3 OR nurses came to me while in the surgery center to tell me how lucky I was to have him and what a beautiful job he's done on every patient there but on me, as well. After looking at several pictures and ensuring that I understood fully what I could expect with a lift and no implant, I made the decision to move forward. I'm glad it went so fast cuz I had very little opportunity to get nervous.

One week post op

The pics are a week and a day post op but I'm writing this at almost 3 weeks. Healing is going very well. This is my first surgery so I had no real idea of what to expect. Surprises: Skin heals at it's own rate. I felt back to normal at day 8 and had a very hard time understanding that this wasn't a pain tolerance thing it was a "be mindful of your incisions" kind of thing. So, even though I felt perfectly capable of doing anything and everything I wanted, I need to be careful. I wasn't as careful as I should have been and caused some bruising. I torqued the incisions pretty well a few times and caused some soreness. I'm fortunate my dumb butt didn't rip anything. God forbid. I was released to all activity at week 3 due to my excellent recovery. My only restriction is no pectoral work (weight lifting, push ups) for the full 4 weeks and no underwire bra for 3 months. I am to start using silicone sheets at week 3 1/2. All tape is to come off at week 3, let 'em breathe for a few days then silicone sheets for optimal healing. I'll update with week 4 pics since all the tape will be off and all the scars will be new.

I cannot say this enough: I am so SO pleased with my result. Even at this stage. The girls are full, nicely shaped, and beat my wildest expectations. Again.. NO IMPLANT. Woo-hoo! Dr. Solomon is a genius.

3 1/2 month post op

Like most love affairs the honeymoon period has come to an end and I'm able to see my new boobies with clear eyes. I still love them. Really. With all swelling gone as well as some settling of the breast tissue I lost some volume and a bit of the upper pole fullness an implant would have given me. However, I still love them. They are not the stereotypical large, full breast. And that's just fine. They are mine, proportionate, age appropriate, and lovely.

No implant and all the trouble that goes along with having an implant. Fast healing, no foreign body, much less invasive surgery.
Natural look and feel
All my tissue.
Going braless!! Omg, the freedom. I can't wait for summer and tank tops and sun dresses and a new bikini!
Lack fullness and upper pole fullness
Loss of size. I'm went from a full C to a full B.

My scars would probably heal more quickly and nicely if I had stuck to using the Scar Away strips. However, to keep them in place while you sleep that means you have to keep them covered. I slept in a light sports bra. That results in the girls being covered 24 hours a day. After being in a compression bra and the awful no underwire bra for so long I wasn't up to it. I loved the freedom and feel of sleeping with them free too much. They don't bother me mostly because, and this is so silly, I am looking down at my breasts usually, not in the mirror, so I don't really see them that much. I went to an all naked spa a couple of week ago for the girls first public outing. So nice to lean over and not feel like I'm ready to be milked or pull it out from an armpit. Same for sleeping! I can lie on my back and no slide down the side. It's a hundred little things.

Nipples still dead. Left is beginning to come back but the sensation is a feeling of being touched not the "hubba hubba" feeling I miss so much. I call them my turbo buttons for a reason. I hope to regain full sensation. *fingers crossed* PS said a year. Tick, tock! It's interesting... they both respond to touch and become erect but I can't feel it. Odd to watch and not have the sensation. Having small, perky nipples is another fantasy fulfilled. I was self conscious of my large nipples for my entire adult life.

Lymph nodes. No one told me this might happen. About a month ago the lymph nodes in both axilla (armpits) enlarged and got tender and sore as hell. No bueno and it scared the crap out of me. They responded very well to warm compresses but popped back up a couple of weeks later but not as bad. I happened to be in for my annual well woman and my gyne said it was all part of the healing process and that yes, it was lymphatics building new routes. If you look at a diagram of the lymphatic system you will see that this surgery cuts through several. Anyway, heads up. My PS told me at my 3 month follow up that it would take a year and a half to heal fully. !! I didn't really believe him. I do now.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Solomon is brilliant. He gave me what no other doctor I consulted with even tried to offer. Excellent results with no implant. Other doctors were very perfunctory with one solution: lift with implants. The fact that I didn't want a larger breast seemed to fall on deaf ears with other doctors. It took a surgeon with the skill and confidence to not only explain that an implant wasn't necessary but to deliver the amazing result I got. I could not have asked for a better experience and my results continue to blow my mind.

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