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Hello, I had smart lipo on my abdomen and flanks...

Hello, I had smart lipo on my abdomen and flanks just yesterday morning.

The numbing process was painful. First a small cut is made (no numbing). Then the huge needle looking thing is inserted to numb the stomach area. I felt the whole thing going in and out my stomach until it became numb. I thought it was a horrible experience and this is coming from someone who has high tolerance of pain. The laser part was not a problem. However, when it came to the suctioning of the fat, OMG! The machine vibrates and it would hurt me once in a while. The worst part was when he inserted the suction tool through my belly button! It was painful! I felt like I was being stabbed and burned at the same time! I told the doctor but I was told that it is normal because the belly button area is more sensitive. I was hoping to hear "ok, let me numb it a little more" but no.

I was able to walk to my car fine but once I got home and the anesthesia faded away, I felt sore and bruised. When I wouldn't move, I was fine, no pain, but when I had to get up or sit up, my stomach hurt real bad. It was like I did 5,000 crunches and when I walked, I walked like a 90 year old lady. Today I took off my garment and I was no longer draining but I was still in pain. The pain wasn't as bad as yesterday and I was able to drive my daughter to school and walk somewhat normal. My stomach is super swollen but hopefully this will go away within 2 weeks or less. I still cannot touch my stomach because it's too tender and bruised. It's just too painful.

I will keep you all posted with my recovery and results. I hope this was somewhat helpful. I wanted to share this with you because I did not find any reviews which documented my experience of the laser lipo procedure. I will be posting my pictures soon.

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Not sure yet, at least until I see my results

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