22yrs Old, 300hp Silicone Round - Sherman Oaks, CA

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I am 5'3" 103lbs. 32a. Doctor suggested 250cc but...

I am 5'3" 103lbs. 32a. Doctor suggested 250cc but he recommended 300cc after I showed him my wish pics.

His office is nice. Not everyone is 100% nice but I'm satisfied. The price was 7400$ but I got 200$ off discount because I paid everything cash. The office does call you a lot which is nice. I always miss their calls and their busy when I call back but they do call back fast if you leave a voicemail.

I'll be posting more after my surgery :):)

YAYYYYY finally!

I weighed myself before the surgery and I actually weigh 95lbs. The doctor still put 300 cc hp. The pain is bearable. So I had to do Inframmary Incision because my nipple was too small.

First Day

My surgery was yesterday. Pain is still bearable (with medication). I love my boobs so far. I hope the boobs will drop in very nicely. I have no bruises. My face and my stomach was swollen. I had problem pushing out my pee. I will be posting on Friday or a week from now to update :))


I will be posting more. I love them and the surgery was very worth it. I feel more confident. I'm loving my body.


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