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Looking to have Tummy Tuck, Arm Tuck, Thigh Tuck,...

Looking to have Tummy Tuck, Arm Tuck, Thigh Tuck, Back Lipo, BBL!!! Breast we'll seeeee :) So far this has been a great experience - office visit was great. Doctor and staff was able to answers all questions and my concerns. Prices was not what I expected - very affordable. Time is key - the doctor took as much as time needed. I'm happy and nervous

Pictures soon - moving my date

Thinking about removing my band. I haven't had a fill in years. After speaking with my Doctor I really don't want to see my port. I had all the liquid removed from band... let's see in a month if I gain weight!


Hey going crazy... count down is happening and I really don't want my lap band port to be seen. Can someone that has a band let me know even a few pictures your results. THANKS SO MUCH!!! :)

Surgery Date

My surgery date is May 27th... nervous as hell. I will post photos the day of surgery.

17 days to go... I'm feeling lost with thoughts

I was going to wait to post pre photos... but what the hell. Lol

Dr. Reilly and Staff

So Far So GREAT! I haven't did the full evaluation, but I would like to say Dr. Reilly takes his time with you and he doesn't BS you which I love! His staff is great... thank you girls. They calmed me down when I was anxious about a few internal emotions and to ensure I was good Dr. Reily checked up on me as well...personally!

I go for my final check in this Monday coming!

Updates ladies... finally

1 month 1 day later

Still swollen but I take this over that any day!





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