There is Still Fat Left After Laser Lipo! I Dont Think Its Worked - Sheffield, UK

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I had Laser Lipo a week ago, I'm very slim and...

I had Laser Lipo a week ago, I'm very slim and just have this annoying fat around my tummy. I had this removed but there is still a lot left even after the laser lipo, I really dont look any different. I really think it has been a waste of my money. I understand that you have to wait a few months to see full results but I dont understand while there is still loose fat (over abdominal fat) on top of my abs still. Have a look at my photos the 1st one is before surgery the rest is after, what do you think? I'm certain its not fluid or anything like that, I didnt even leak once after I came home, I do see a very slight difference but I was expecting much more dramatic results. Has this been a waste??


It has been a year now and it has dramatically worked! It looks so much better now. I still have al ittle pooch which I dont think I ever will get rid of. I had a bit of fat freezing done (cryolyposis) which also helped, watch the video see my flat belly!
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