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I had the operation 6 months ago to fix a deviated...

I had the operation 6 months ago to fix a deviated septum. Prior to this, I was hooked on Afrin for the longest time as I couldn't breathe, but had to get off it prior to the op as a requirement. The night before the op I couldn't breathe at all due to the deviated septum. The op itself felt fast, care was excellent afterwords in the post-op recover room for about 8 hours until I was well enough to be wheeled away to a waiting van. The immediate pain was quite high, but decreased slightly by the following day. First two nights I couldn't sleep as I had to be on my back and breathe through my mouth - very uncomfortable position! Got better after that, slowly but surely, and 1 week after I got the huge plastic stints pulled out of my nose. At this point, the nose was still tender to the touch and did hurt alot when blowing very gently. It was about another week to two before the pain fully went away (except the very tip of the nose- - that took about a month) Now 6 months on, I can breathe freely and sleep very well - if I ever have a cold and nose gets stuffed, I've found out about Breathe Easy Nasel Strips... they actually work!! And you wont get hooked like on nasel sprays. Overall very happy, and didn't pay anything as the healthcare is government based in Canada!! :) :)

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