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Hello~! I am an international student studying in...

Hello~! I am an international student studying in New Zealand. 4 Years ago I received ptosis correction along with my double eyelid surgery. At that time, the doctor recommended me the partial incision method for the eyelid surgery. I had pretty satisfying results back then because at the time my eyes looked defined and overall had a good balance to the rest of my face. But as time passed, the crease of my right eye began to come loose and I could notice the fat on the upper eyelid part lessening. Eventually, this resulted in my eyes to look very sleepy and tired. My right eyelid was sagging and at times my eyelid would get 2 or even 3 creases. I would always get comments saying I look tired (even though I wasn’t) and my overall facial impression was incredibly dull. Most of all I was afraid that it would become more droopy in time.

Reluctant to go to the same hospital as last time, I recalled one of my close friends who recently got her eyes done and so I contacted her because I knew she was up to date with all the beauty gossip and news. She insisted she got her surgery done at ID hospital in Korea and also told me the name of her surgeon. I had heard of ID hospital prior to asking her since it’s quite well known in Korea.

The hospital building must have been built recently because it was very new. It must have been one of the busier time slots when I went because I had a considerable amount of waiting time. Nevertheless, when I came to meet Dr. Hwang, I could feel he was highly experienced and his solid confidence assured me to receive my surgery with him. His recommendation to me was revision ptosis correction surgery but this time with full incision so I wouldn’t have to worry about re-attachment again. He also insisted fat grafting on the saggy top part of my eye lid by autologous fat insertion; that is, with my own fat. His suggestion on just advising me with the specific surgeries needed brought me a lot faith in him. Oh and he also remembered my friend and her eyelid surgery!


So here I am! Into the first night after my surgery, I can still feel the weight on my face. I think the surgery took a little more time than I had expected. I took a selfie as soon as I got out and yeah…. I know I look like a monster :( Although I’ve been through this couple of years back it just shocks me again to see me like this again! The heaviness on my eyes made me weary. The nurses told me that the swelling would worsen tomorrow.
Dr. In Seok Hwang

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