Eyelid Surgery in Korea

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Hello~! I am an international student studying in...

Hello~! I am an international student studying in New Zealand. 4 Years ago I received ptosis correction along with my double eyelid surgery. At that time, the doctor recommended me the partial incision method for the eyelid surgery. I had pretty satisfying results back then because at the time my eyes looked defined and overall had a good balance to the rest of my face. But as time passed, the crease of my right eye began to come loose and I could notice the fat on the upper eyelid part lessening. Eventually, this resulted in my eyes to look very sleepy and tired. My right eyelid was sagging and at times my eyelid would get 2 or even 3 creases. I would always get comments saying I look tired (even though I wasn’t) and my overall facial impression was incredibly dull. Most of all I was afraid that it would become more droopy in time.

Reluctant to go to the same hospital as last time, I recalled one of my close friends who recently got her eyes done and so I contacted her because I knew she was up to date with all the beauty gossip and news. She insisted she got her surgery done at ID hospital in Korea and also told me the name of her surgeon. I had heard of ID hospital prior to asking her since it’s quite well known in Korea.

The hospital building must have been built recently because it was very new. It must have been one of the busier time slots when I went because I had a considerable amount of waiting time. Nevertheless, when I came to meet Dr. Hwang, I could feel he was highly experienced and his solid confidence assured me to receive my surgery with him. His recommendation to me was revision ptosis correction surgery but this time with full incision so I wouldn’t have to worry about re-attachment again. He also insisted fat grafting on the saggy top part of my eye lid by autologous fat insertion; that is, with my own fat. His suggestion on just advising me with the specific surgeries needed brought me a lot faith in him. Oh and he also remembered my friend and her eyelid surgery!


So here I am! Into the first night after my surgery, I can still feel the weight on my face. I think the surgery took a little more time than I had expected. I took a selfie as soon as I got out and yeah…. I know I look like a monster :( Although I’ve been through this couple of years back it just shocks me again to see me like this again! The heaviness on my eyes made me weary. The nurses told me that the swelling would worsen tomorrow.

Removal of Stitches, 1 Week After Surgery

Hi everyone I am back!
I am glad to see so many of you showing interest in my procedure! : )
It’s been 1 week after surgery and I have finally got my stitches removed. Firstly, it didn’t hurt at all! When I arrived at the hospital, I was referred to the recovery center located in B1 of the building. I think they disinfected the wound area first and then Dr. Hwang came in to check upon my eyes. He asked me to open and close them for a couple of times and then I think he pulled the stitches to see if I had any pulling sensation. I couldn’t feel anything which was a sign that the surgery had gone well! Then he told me the surgery had gone very well which I found very pleasing to hear after a whole week of hiding my eyes under caps and sunglasses!
Following on from that, the nurses removed my stitches. It only took a few moments maybe 1-2 minutes? I had a slight feeling that something was being removed but it was a dry kind of feeling that didn’t hurt at all! So for those of you who are concerned about stitches removal, I would like to comfort you by saying don’t worry at all!! ?

As for the swelling, of course today into week one, it is much better compared to before but I can definitely feel my eyes being puffier in the mornings but that’s okay because later on in the day it slowly de-swells again. For around 2 days or so after surgery, I was extremely cautious of the way I slept. I made use of large pillows for a comfortable sleeping position and to keep my head high. This was again for the swelling. Oh! And on day 3, I had to enquire to the hospital because I had a strange feeling of one eyelid overlapping. So when I visited, they somehow taped a part of my right eyelid to make it feel better.

For me, I would say the swelling wasn’t very bad but if I had to pick a day it would be day 2 after surgery with the worst swelling. But this in return also gave me motivation to go for light walks around the block and apply cold packs for my eyes more. I guess this helped a lot with the swelling to go down because on day 5 there was big improvement! I also have been applying the antiseptic and ointment that was prescribed until today. I was told that I have to be very patient until my eyes slowly formed into good shape!

Asian double eyelid Surgery - Day 10 After Surgery

Nearly into day 10 after surgery, the swelling has noticeably been reduced. I got told not to put on any make-up for 1 month after surgery and I know that I shouldn’t have worn any but woops; I did, and I really had to because I had an important event to attend.

My eyes are balancing out well and it’s a bit surprising because it’s only been 10 days! (I will attach a photo taken just today)

When I saw my friend last night, she complimented me that if I didn’t tell her about the procedure done she wouldn’t have noticed anything! The incision scars when I close my eyes are still quite visible but hoping it will heal with time, I have been very patient! I hope the 1 month period come quickly because then I can make-up freely and enjoy thick eye-lining! What I would like to commend about the eye surgery with Dr. Hwang is that my eyes look very natural. The tired looking impression is gone and now I have clear vision with a distinct crease balanced in both eyes. Oh and also, I felt that recovery was very fast compared to the surgery I had a few years ago. I hope everyone enjoyed my review : )
Dr. In Seok Hwang

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