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Finally I did surgery. Kkkkk. this was my 2nd...

Finally I did surgery.
Kkkkk. this was my 2nd plastic surgery, and I thought I would not be nervous. But still I was…
Although it was re-surgery, this time include epi canthoplasty+ lateral canthoplasty+ eye lowering surgery.kk
Since I was young, people told me I looked fierce because of sloe-eyes, and it was very stressful for me.
My heart was beating so fast before the surgery.
After wearing surgery gown, I became more nervous.
I took some pictures and talked with my friends to relax myself.

Finally, it’s time to start surgery.
I lied down on operation table. As I know, I used sleep and local anesthesia.
Perhaps, I was too nervous, after surgery nurse told me that, I talked myself during anesthesia, but I could not remember what I talked.
I think I was crazy then. It might because of sleep anesthesia. Kiki.

Anyway, I was more relaxed when I lied down on operation table, and got surgery with calm mind. Kaki

Then how to say?? Lighting? I think people who experienced eye plastic surgery will understand what I am saying.
The lighting is too dazzling, at first I thought:”how to stand it?” then, little by little, I felt comfortable with that lighting.
Not only lighting, surgeon and nurses talked to me frequently when I woke from anesthesia, we almost were going to be best friends. Kiki.

After finishing surgery, when I changed my clothes, I suddenly thought that my face was very funny.
I even took self-camera with my friend.
And I didn’t want to be caught in traffic jam, so I came back to home quickly.

I was stew about surgery when I visited and consulted in many clinics, and now I think that was noting.
This is the real beginning!

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