Apple Shaped Mother of One Child

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I am an average weighted woman I currently weigh...

I am an average weighted woman I currently weigh 158.6 lbs , I do cardio daily as well as strength excercises but the more I shed the pounds the more I realize I don't care for my shape. I believe I need Lipo performed on my abdomen and armpits as well as arms and I would like to have it injected into my buttocks. I have certain questions like, should I continue to lose weight or will I need to gain more weight cause my overall goal is to have a huge butt and a flat belly.

Dr. Fischer or Dr. Yily are my final contestants

I have finally completed my research and I have decided to have cosmetic surgery performed on me by either Dr. Fischer in Miami or Dr. Yily in Dominican Republic. I'm yielding more towards Fischer although Yily is cheaper I am very sketchy about having surgery done outside of the USA for medical reasons and insurance purposes.
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