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After doing MUCH research, I recently had my first...

After doing MUCH research, I recently had my first lipo dissolve treatment. In doing some investigation into this procedure, I have learned some interesting facts:

The injections offered by Fig and at day spas are often not administered by a nurse or doctor. They are often given by "trained" personel. This training could be months of classes and seminars or it could be a week of observing treatments; no one really knows. For this reason, I went to a plastic surgeon who has an RN on staff who is specially trained in mesotherapy. I would highly recomend looking for a well respected and board certified plastic surgeon in your area who offers the lipodissolve procedure instead of the Fig franchise and day spas.

Also, know in advance if you are allergic to soy, soy milk or tofu. One of the main components in the lipodissolve injection is also a main component of soy, called soy lecitin. If you are allergic, you may get blisters, a rash or hive like symptoms.

In terms of pain....the needle that my mesotherapy specialist used was very tiny and therefore was not very painful. I can tell you though that the knee/inner thigh area is THE most painful area to have treated, mainly because of how your leg bends when you walk. Nevertheless, it is still better than liposuction which often causes large bruises and small sticthes to close the puncture sites.

All in all, I am confident that i will achieve my desired results with 2 treatments. However, my confidence comes from my own research and faith in a licensed and specially trained mesotherapy specialist....not someone who read a book on lipodissolve and is preforming injections. One DOES NOT have to be certified to administer these injections, so it's up to you to ask about their qualifications.

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